President's Message



Kara Holding, which has more than a quarter of century history, proceeds its way with it’s first day of steadfastness and faith.
Kara Holding, which for three generations has taken the road with textile sector, today has been succesful company works with world biggest companies . All the time we faith the innovations and made a point of comply with the technology, will be all along continued to the new investments conjuctively with strong financial structure .
We have aimed to find a common ground of thought of “how to be most beneficial to our country” with principle of customer oriented. Primarily, our hometown and country have conditioned to invest. In order to contribute to increase of employment in direction of our country goal, we have aimed to carry out the our tasks with great hope.
We are a family that the goal of continues growth and embracing with our employees. Our aim is that greaten this family with new investments. The happiness and welfare of our employees who bring us to this point are the most important elements for us.
Our company always has aimed more successful at activity areas. I am sure we will be more successful at current activity areas with quality of production, customer care, vision and prenciple. Our goal will be continuesly getting stronger in growth while from hand to hand carrying the flag.

Chairman of the Board