Karweb Nonwovens
• Karweb Nonwoven and Karweb Airlaid production facility that has been setup on 2013, is the first Airlaid Nonwoven facility in Turkey, leader in its sector and is on the position of global supplier for special papers. Today health care, hygene and disposable special materials produces by Karweb and shipped specially firstly to Europe,USA and also to the rest of the world. With low formaldehyde certificated binding raw materials, can produce nature and human maintaining products. Materials that produce is testing with the standards of Edena that is accepted as nonwoven world standards and within the production is being controlled simultaneously with Isravision and Mahlo quality control systems. With flexible products range, special raw material compositions, continuously R & D and customer focused products development continue the way in the sector as rapidly.

• With Karweb Nonwovens - Karweb Spunlace production facilities that will be activated in 2017, will start the production of Spunlace. Can be made production with the mixture of the fibers like polyester, viscose, tencel, cotton and polyamide. Will improve the place in the world nonwoven sector with the last technology production line improved by OTS ( Ozone Treated System).


1 KARWEB AIRLAID MULTI BONDED AIRLAID 45-300 50-1400 dimple /double S / plain
2 KARWEB AIRLAID LATEX BONDED AIRLAID 45-300 50-1400 dimple /double S / plain
3 KARWEB AIRLAID AIRLAID WITH SAP 120-200 50-1400 dimple / plain
4 KARWEB AIRLAID AIRLAID WITH SAF 70-300 50-1400 plain
5 KARWEB AIRLAID AIRLAID WITH TISSUE 120-200 50-1400 dimple / plain
6 KARWEB SPUNLACE Polyester, viscose, tencel, cotton and fiber composites like polypropylene. 30-100 60-3200 Bigdot, Apertured, Plain